Doctor of Philosophy (Biotechnology)
Berlin, Deutschland

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I have always been interested in understanding fundamentals of life, its surrounded ecosystems, biological evolution and travelling. It is a great pleasure to be a PhD student at Humboldt University of Berlin, an institution named after a great scientist, a visionary naturalist, an adventurous explorer of the World, none other than, our Alexander von Humboldt.
I have fortunately travelled to several Countries across the 5 Continents so far, except the South America. In this regard, my tentative plan for 2019 is to travel to this Continent which was intensively explored by Humboldt and in fact a long due wish is to see favourite Penguins, that too Humboldt Penguin, no other year seems to be better than 2019 as it marks the 250th Birth Anniversary of Humboldt, coincidentally, the topic of my PhD research at HU is Chronobiology and we all agree that timing matters for everything !