Ahmed Mansour

Postdoc researcher | 1986
Berlin, Deutschland

Bezug zu HU
  • Forscher*in
    Institut für Physik

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After obtaining my Ph.D., I have worked for a year in a non-research position, since I wasn't sure academic research would be good for me. Afterwards, I felt bored with my routine job and lack of any motivation to wake-up the next morning to go to work. Seeking a change, I decided to do a postdoc assignment. Luckily, I joined a pioneering research group at the Department of Physics at HU. Working here for a year now, I have rediscovered my passion! I enjoy the challenges in my job as a researcher, working on new problems every day, and the excitement of conducting experiments and making conclusions out of them.

I'm glad I have had this opportunity of working at HU to rediscover my passion for exploration, experimentation and discovery.