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Dear all,
First of all, I want to thank you for building a web page where we can express our love and respect for Humboldt. I'm a sociologist. Between the year 2018 -2019, I worked as a post doctorant at Humboldt Univercity / Asian and African Studies under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Manja Stephan Emmrich. But until that day, I didn't know who Alexander Humboldt was. The first week I started working, I noticed a novel (The Invention of Nature) about the life of Humboldt at the University's gift shop. I started reading and admired him. Because I learned that he was the first person to try to explain to us how important a single tree is and everything is related in nature. Besides that, under the pressure of his mother, he studied finance and worked in this field until the age of 28, but never gave up on his dreams. At this point, there were some parallels between my own life and his life. My mother also pressured me to study finance, so I studied Business Administration and had to work in the financial sector until I was 28 years old. After that time , I followed my dreams like Humboldt and made master and doctorate degree in sociology department.
Humboldt gives us a very important lesson that young people should follow their dreams and never give up. Humboldt is a role model that encourages us not only to be the father of natural sciences, but also to pursue our dreams. He is my idol and he was my close friend during my short time in Berlin.