Together with you we want to celebrate Alexander von Humboldt, honour him and show how his legacy has been carried on. Alexander von Humboldt is much more than just namesake and face of the Alma Mater Berolinensis: He embodies the ideals, strength and vision of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU). He is a role model of science that discovers new worlds, joins the dots and overcomes boundaries. Alexander von Humboldt

Give Humboldt’s heirs – our students – time to study. Even Alexander was only able to become an explorer, natural scientist, pioneer and knowledge broker because of his mothers’ inheritance and generous donations of his patrons. Donate now! Humboldt-Scholarship


With #WIRSINDHUMBOLDT we want to get to know you, celebrate Alexander von Humboldt’s birthday with you and introduce you to members of the Humboldt family and let them tell you their stories. Gallery
Wir sind Humboldt (We are Humboldt) – are you? Did you study at Humboldt-Universität, research or work at HU? Are you a partner, donor or fan of HU? Then You are Humboldt.
How about taking a picture and telling your story as a present for Alexander’s 250th birthday? Tell us why you are Humboldt. Get to know the Humboldt family. Become part of our network and maybe even find old friends. As a thank you we would like to invite you to events of our festival year and we will raffle off great prizes on top.
Join in! Photo Booth